5 Desirable Characteristics Of An Ideal Graphic Designer

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Graphic designing is not a skill that can be well executed by just anyone. Having gained the skill does not make one a good designer. They need to have additional traits that make them stand out as creative individuals and in their work. They need to be motivated to give the client a good result and humble enough to accept corrections. Below are a few important traits that every designer should strive to obtain:

Listening skills

Communication is a two-way road.  It involves listening and talking. A good graphic designer should have the ability to listen. You should be able to listen to your client to determine the kind of product they would like. Establish the wants and needs of your client. Listen to the target audience to deduce what they want from your client. You also need to listen to your boss as well as your colleagues if you work in a company. Accept correction and be ready to accommodate the ideas of other people as you work.

Presentation skills

You should also be able to present an idea to your client or other people who are not designers in a language that is simple and easy to understand. Do not argue with your client. Try as much as possible to deliver what he or she wants. Communication is very important because if you are unable to communicate an idea, then your client will misunderstand you and move to another designer. This will help you save time, money and energy.


Like any other businessperson, a graphic designer ought to be a person of integrity. Integrity here refers to honesty as well as consistency in values and outcomes. It is hard to maintain integrity as sometimes it means you end up earning little money. It is important to be honest with your client about the prices you charge. You should respect other designers in the market and not talk ill of them to your client. Maintain quality in your products as it is the one thing your client will appreciate and will make him or her come back. Respect yourself as a designer and work hard to earn your money instead of cheating.

Pay attention to detail

As a designer, details are very important, as they are what differentiate one design from another. They make your clients design different from the rest in the market. Small details can be the cause of failure for your client in the market and so it is very important to pay attention to specific details provided.

Display professionalism

One of the ways you can display professionalism is by being organized. Meet your deadlines to avoid disappointing your clients. Organization allows you to remain focused such that you are able to keep your clients happy. You also need to organize your projects with their images and texts. Ensure you keep all information concerning each project separate. This is crucial as sometimes you are working on many projects at the same time and you do not want to mix images and texts of different projects.

So in order to become a good graphic designer, you need good listening and presentation skills, integrity, ability to pay attention to detail and be professional! Do you have these traits?

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Henry Lawson is a well known business analyst working with leading marketing firms. He is also an associate of the forum - graphic design Brisbane since the last 7 years.

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  1. Saikul Islam October 17, 2012 at 03:23 - Reply

    Thanks for the informative post. It was helpful………

  2. Alex Morris December 5, 2012 at 10:18 - Reply

    Surely this is a list for any business individual to adhere to? If you lack these in any job you’re not really going to go anywhere.

    I liked the point “Do not argue with your client.” I find the idea of bickering with the client you’re trying to impress amusing. I bet it does happen quite often, though. Not a good idea.

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