10 Awesome E-commerce Websites with Super Cool Branding

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Building a brand is a necessity for e-commerce websites as brand awareness not only helps lure in new customers but also help make sure that old customers return to use your service again. Branding is all about how a company presents itself, as we live in a world where perception is everything and image sells. Here are 10 e-commerce websites (both big and small) that have used branding in an excellent way to convey what they are about, boost sales and generally become awesome.



ModCloth is an online retailer that specializes in vintage and ‘indie’ clothing brands. This e-commerce website is the friend of hipsters everywhere, something that is reflected in its branding. ModCloth has designed its entire website around the image that it wishes to present of itself. Kooky, off-kilter and sweet: ModCloth’s brand is excellent because it gives off an alternative vibe straight from the name and the logo. An excellent way to brand yourself quickly and easily.



Hollister, an imprint of Abercrombie and Fitch, have built their entire brand around one thing: being attractive. Hollister sells one style of clothing, preppy California surfer clothes, and has made itself into one of the biggest brands simply by zoning in on the fact that everybody wants to have, or to be associated with attractiveness. From manning their actual stores with models to putting half-naked models on their websites, Hollister continue to sell the idea that their clothes will turn you into one of these beautiful people. And it’s a technique that works.



Giraffe is a family-friendly restaurant chain and it has used its brand well to support its web store. The child-like font and web-design work well together to emphasise that Giraffe is a restaurant for the kids, yet it manages to look family-orientated as well, without being cheesy.

Harry Winston


Harry Winston jewellery is supposed to optimise glamour, opulence and simplicity all at once, and the brand aims to do the same. The clean cut website, simple logo and monochrome colour scheme, Harry Winston’s website subtly suggests diamonds and jewellery in an elegant way. The company is high class and the brand reflects that perfectly.



CafePress has built its entire business around logos and brands by making t-shirts, mugs and more with logos that users design, which CafePress then make. Because of this, CafePress have used their well-versed branding knowledge and used it to make their own brand stick. With much of the content aimed at comedy, CafePress went for the clean san-serif logo and colour scheme that scream whimsical, while still making the website obvious and descriptive enough to advertise their brand.



Esty’s founder says he made up the cute name because he wanted to build a brand from scratch and that is exactly what Robert Kalin has accomplished. Etsy is an e-commerce site that focuses on handmade and vintage items. It tries to represent its brand as an elegant craft fair as compared to Ebay’s car boot sale image. Etsy have succeeded because of their brands focus on aesthetics and their attention to detail, making their brand seem high-brow because it sells vintage items.

I Poop You


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You are looking at a website that sells poo. With a fair amount of humour and sass, I Poop You have actually built a respectable brand out of nothing but literally poo. The reason I think I Poop You is a great brand is simply because it combines quite a funny idea (sending someone poo in the post by special delivery) with an even funnier branding scheme. They have made themselves into ‘poo experts’, taking pride in their eco-friendly poo and making a funny idea even funnier with a laugh out loud website, childish logo and faux-corporate branding.



It’s hard to guess what MoonPig does from its name, but their greeting cards website is yet another example of incorporating humour into a brand. With its silly but instantly recognizable name, Moonpig has built a loud, family friendly website that reflects how the brand presents themselves. They’re fun – but they get the job done.

People Tree


It’s not the easiest job to overcome the preconception that eco-friendly clothes are uncomfortable and ugly, but People Tree have built themselves a brand that does all that and more. They have achieved this by pushing their brand through celebrity endorsements, People Tree catapulted themselves into the public eye in a way that still makes their eco credentials clear in their logo and name, but thereafter lets the clothing speak for itself.



It’s hard to make a luggage seller seem either stylish or cool, but Kipling have managed to evolve their business to do just that. By forwarding their brand as the choice of jet-setting travellers who are effortlessly cool as well as practical, Kipling have given themselves as a brand an element of glamour that isn’t known to their niche. It’s an excellent way to gain an upper hand.

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    I think it is easy for businesses to forget about the importance of investing time or money wise in good ecommerce web design. Just as you would want the interior of a physical shop to reflect your businesses image well, it is just as important for your site to look just as good. Thanks so much for sharing these inspiring and creative designs, thanks for the info alongside too, Matt.

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