10 Advance jQuery Scripts to take Your Website to the Next Level

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Before 2008, there were only a handful (compared to now) of sites which were of a very high level of quality and stunningly unique; standing out from the rest. It was in 2008 when many tools and frameworks became more popular and widely used amongst the masses. This included CSS based design and everyone’s favourite – WordPress! Due to this, today, every half decent web designer has a stunning website. You’re probably wondering what I’m getting at? To make your website standout from the rest, you need to take your website to the next level. In this post, I’m going to showcase many Advanced jQuery techniques to add that extra touch to your site.

Advanced jQuery

Below are a list of sites that offer some amazing jQuery script by which you can achieve some stunning effect for your site. I have given a brief introduction to each effect with a link to the original site direct download.

TN3 Gallery (Sponser – added July 2012)

A jQuery and WordPress image gallery.

Includes slideshow, transition effects, multiple album options, CSS skinning and much more. Beautiful looks for a Beautiful gallery.

AJAX Fancy Captcha

Taking Captcha’s to the next level! A new, intuitive drag and drop captcha:

Here we’re asked to drag the pencil into the circle! Neat!

Note: According to the producers, this Captcha’s security level is medium.

jQuery Cycle – Custom Incoming/Outgoing Transitions

Cool image transitions that were once possible in Flash only. This powerful script has room for lots of customisation to all you to fine grain your transition over speed and easing in/out transitions.

Cool jQuery Sliding Panel

I really like this effect (might implement it here in the future!).

jQuery Scrollable

A very nice/smooth script which you can implement to a div.

This script can be used for

  • Image Galleries
  • Products
  • Navigation
  • Anything else!

Some features:

  • Horizontal/Vertical
  • Can Scroll using navigational buttons, API calls, keyboard arrow keys, and the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Ability to make your own effects
  • and lots of other stuff! See script homepage for script

jQuery Filterable Portfolio

An awesome effect for portfolios and just showcasing your work!

Here you click the tabs above the images and jQuery performs a cool transition to filter out the required category!

Animated Portfolio

A Nice Effect!

Password Strength Meter

A customisable password strength meter to show how secure your password is.

With a bit of tweaking, you should be able to implement it with your registration forms. I’m sure the download contains all the instructions.

Note: Images can be changed!

jQuery Slide-In Tab

Again from the same site as the above two. This is similar to an accordion effect however horizontal from the edge of the screen.

JQuery Dashboard

Like the one found on a Mac.

Smooth Tabbed Menu


BONUS – jQuery Tetris!!!



You need to initially impress your users within a very short amount of time and one of the methods to achieve this is to use jQuery. By adopting some of the uses above backed up by some inspiration on your side, you can be sure that many of your users will return.

Important Note! All of the above methods are the foundation upon which a strong structure can be built. Use it to your advantage. With some tweaking and CSS, you can take much more out of them. For a freelancer. it’s very important.

If you’re not in the web design/development industry, then using even the most basic jQuery will more than likely impress your visitors! (It’s alright for some!)

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    Try http://learnjavascript.co.uk, for tutorials on JavaScript and jQuery from beginner to advanced, including complete references.

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